Toddler or Turdler?

So! Here we are, mom of a 4 1/2 year old and boy is life FUN! So it brings me to my topic today of life with a toddler being so much fun yet so hectic at the same time. I want this to be relatable to other moms but I would also love some feedback on this or your advice on how you handle your Toddler when they become a Turdler. I have dreamed about being a mom since I was a kid. I would pretend I was the mom to all of my baby dolls and make up all of these elaborate roles as a mom and when I found out I was pregnant (even though it wasn’t planned), I secretly was over the moon! Everything about being pregnant was a learning experience and full of so many things that didn’t go as planned or how I would have envisioned them to be! I seriously had no clue about the not so glamorous side of being pregnant and becoming a mother.

Kids really do say the darnedest things! Charleigh was yawning the other day and she couldn’t fully yawn or she couldn’t finish yawning so when I asked her what was wrong her response was “I can’t get the tired out!” I just laughed and was so tickled by how cute that was. That is the fun part of being a mom and having a 4 year old. BUT! Let me tell you! What isn’t fun is when they develop their own personality or think they are funny by defying you and testing their boundaries. Why is it that kids want to do the complete opposite of what you ask and make life harder on themselves and you?! Life could be great if they would JUST LISTEN TO US!!!!! But, What fun would that be right?! Well, that brings me to my most recent encounter with my TURDLER!

My mom and I took Charleigh to swim at my Oma’s this past weekend, she swam, jumped from the diving board, went under water, played with toys… she had a blast. We all had fun! But, like every time we have to leave somewhere at this age, it seems as though it never ends willingly or happily. I got out and already started drying off and let her play a little longer. So, I’m asking Charleigh to get out of the pool, she laughs and swims off! I tell her again and then end up getting angry with her and frustrated and at this point I am telling her to get out before she gets a spanking. I start counting to 5, 1…2…3…. Charleigh shouts, “FOUR!!!” and then proceeds to laugh…. Now in my mind I was thinking multiple things. Ok! well, at least she knows what comes after 3 and before 5, she has a sense of humor, and boy is she about to get it! So I get the pool noodle and try to push her towards me and she finally starts to swim to the steps but is crying now. Well, the tears didn’t save her, she still got a spanking. For those who don’t believe in spankings that’s great and what works for you, I’m all for but that doesn’t work for us. I wish it did but it doesn’t! Now of course my mom (MiMi) was looking sad and heartbroken because I spanked her but she wasn’t listening and was even being smart when I was counting. So my question is, What should I have done?! I wanted her to just appreciate she went swimming and willingly get out when I ask her too but she didn’t! That brings me to the daily struggles we as moms go through especially at the TURDLER stage!

Every child is different and what works for one, might not work for the other. It’s a constant learning experience for both of you but I can’t help but always feel guilty when a fun day ends in tears or getting in trouble. I know life can’t always be perfect but it’s so frustrating when you’ve had a good day and in an instant, it turns into punishment. I now know why they said that being a parent is the hardest thing you will ever do because even though we want them to have the best day, the most fun day, or the most memorable day, sometimes it just isn’t how you planned and you have to roll with the punches. I try and tell myself is that she is still having fun and having great memories but as her mom, I have to help shape her into being a respectable, well mannered, responsible adult one day. So what I try and tell myself is to embrace the good with the bad, learn from it, and let it go. If I focus too much on the bad or the things that didn’t go as planned, I’d be missing out on so much of her life. So, worry less and live more! I love hearing other moms parenting hacks or strategies, so please feel free to share your ways in handling your Toddler when they become a TURDLER!

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