Successful Jewelry Business by Accident?!

Business has been something I have always had an interest in and when I became a partner at a local cake studio after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in culinary arts, I really started to understand just how running your own business really works! Owning your own business means it’s all on you. It’s up to you to make it what you want. That means you are the one responsible for how successful you are, what products you sell, and how you come up with your brand.

Ali Beck is the owner/creator of her Jewelry Business Beck’d! She makes the CUTEST earrings from wire and intricate and unique beads that have a lot of classy designs but they won’t weigh down your ears. I have a few pairs myself and they are actually my go-to pairs because of their versatility with pretty much my entire closet! I am a big fan of earrings but a lot of them hurt my ears from being so heavy. Beck’d is not like that. Her trendy earrings will have people asking you where you got them and they may even want to take them off of your ears! I asked Ali about her business, how she got started, and some other questions about just how sweet her family is in supporting her!

Photo Credit: Sarah Couts Photography
Ali (owner of Beck’d) and her beautiful family!

TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF! WHO ARE YOU? WHAT SPARKED YOUR INTEREST IN STARTING A BUSINESS? My name is Ali Beck, I am 30 years old, I married my high school sweetheart, Corey, & I have two beautiful children, Parker (5) & Stella (3)! My interest started pretty much by accident! One day I couldn’t find a pair of earrings that I loved, so I said to myself, “I wonder if I could run to Michael’s and make a pair that would work?” I was able to & got so many compliments + friends asking for a pair – so I decided to run with it! 

WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS AND WHAT INSPIRED THE NAME?**Beck’d. I was just messing around and thought – “instead of getting all deck’d out, get all Beck’d out” sounds cute! Haha! So, along came Beck’d! HOW DID YOU GET YOUR IDEA OR CONCEPT FOR YOUR BUSINESS? **One idea for a pair of earrings turned into SO MANY MORE!  WHAT KIND OF PRODUCTS DO YOU SELL? Earrings!

WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER? **My husband, Corey. I would have never pursued it if he didn’t make me believe in my idea!  WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS? My inspiration is looking at different beads & wire and just thinking about how I can create a fun, new pair of earrings with those materials!  WHAT IS YOUR BEST SOURCE OF ADVERTISEMENT? I could not ask for sweeter customers! They always go above and beyond with supporting my small business! Instagram has been amazing, too! Social Media blows my mind on a daily basis!

ANY ADVICE THAT YOU WOULD GIVE TO SOMEONE TRYING TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESS? If it makes you happy and brings you joy- GO FOR IT! Don’t let the bumps slow you down & pour your heart into it!  WHERE DO YOU HOPE TO SEE YOUR BUSINESS IN 5 YEARS? I get excited about every pair of earrings that I make for someone! Getting into more spaces would be amazing!  WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER BEING SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR BUSINESS? Making people happy with something that I have created with my own hands will always be the number one thing that makes me feel successful! 

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